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Online Giving to First Christian Church
This service is intended to make the giving process more convenient to send tithes, memorial donations, and other offerings to the church by allowing you to use your debit card and/or major credit cards.
Is this system safe and secure?
Yes! PayPal is one of the most trusted online transition processing services available. When using this system, you can be confident that your information will remain secure.
Will the church see information about my bank account or credit card?
No! The transaction is processed by PayPal. The only information the church receives from PayPal is your name and the amount
Will I see my online gifts on my quarterly statements?
Yes - any gifts sent through the PayPal system will be recorded the same way your weekly offerings are recorded.
Is this service only for members of the church?
No - anyone may use this service to give to the church.
I don't know much about PayPal - does it cost me anything to use it?
PayPal is very easy to use. It does not cost you anything, and you do not need to sign up for an account to use it.


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